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SAM Employee Spotlight: Stacey Camp

District Manager in Training with SAM Corporate

Stacey Camp

Q: Please briefly describe your new role at SAM and your background with SAM leading into this role.

A: I started with SAM in December 2020. During my time as Store Manager and District Trainer I trained over two dozen SAM employees and assisted with transitioning properties across the country. In my new role as District Manager in Training, I assist my District Manager with various day-to-day responsibilities throughout the district. I’m also learning how to navigate relationships with our property owners and am gaining experience in handling more of the financials.

Q: What are your interests outside of work?

A: I enjoy being surrounded by nature, exploring cute little coastal towns, experiencing delicious restaurants, going to drive-ins, and sitting around a fire with friends with my face covered in s’mores.

Q: Can you share a fun fact about yourself?

A: My favorite time of year is when life looks like a Hallmark Christmas movie. I’m a firm believer there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to decorating for Christmas.

Q: What do you like about working for SAM?

A: The work life balance and how approachable everyone is. I traveled to Colorado to assist with a transition a few months ago and it was absolutely beautiful! If SAM hadn’t given me that opportunity, I never would have experienced the Red Rocks during sunset, and it is breathtaking. Working for SAM doesn’t feel like a normal job, it feels like a family.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

A: I have a 13-year-old son, and he is my favorite little human. I like to attack him with water balloons as he’s getting off the bus. We have two dogs that randomly bark at walls and destroy everything. It’s a loud crazy household, but it’s ours and we love it.

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