Unattended Storage Management Solutions

At Storage Asset Management, we know that there is not a cookie cutter approach to managing storage facilities. Our hub and spoke model of managing smaller properties allows us to maintain our operational standards of excellence while offering a flexible remote management option.

Within a geographic market, in some situations, we can operate multiple stores from one centralized office. By still retaining a centralized office, our customer service is kept at the forefront. Our operational procedures will be deployed at all facilities within that model, but at a lower cost for smaller stores. Technology and time management allow us to efficiently perform tasks such as lien processes, marketing, tenant communications, and overall oversight without managers being stationed at each store full-time.

With the hub and spoke model approach, cost savings can occur for the facilities without compromising our high standards. Ready to learn more about our approach to unmanned storage facilities? Contact us today to learn about our flexible storage management solutions.