16 September 2014

Offline Activities For SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always a hot topic, but did you know that your offline activities can also have an effect on search engine ranking? Companies are spending time, money, and effort on their on-line presence, but they are sometimes not focusing on an integral part of SEO, offline activities. The Storage Asset Management (SAM) managed properties have an online digital marketing strategy of social media engagement, fresh content with blogging, and constant updating of their webpages for maximum SEO, but we also extend our SEO efforts with offline activities. We ask that our property managers engage in offline activities, not only to build brand awareness and for community outreach, but also because these activities can also lead to a positive impact on SEO. Property managers attend and host events, participate in community happenings, and join organizations as an extension of building brand awareness and SEO. So how does participating in these events and activities benefit a property’s online presence? If a manager joins a Chamber of Commerce or another type of association, that organization usually has an online listing of their members. A facility’s inclusion in this directory, hopefully with a link to their website, gives them another online citation. Being listed as accurately on high value domain sources leads to better ranking on search engines. The mentioning of an event with a link to facility’s website also serves SEO this was as well. A press release or news article mentioning your facility is seen favorably by search engines. Much like having an engaging social media presence demonstrates that you are a real brand, being mentioned on news, directories, and community bulletins/websites has the same impact. The more evidence that a company is a real brand with accurate information, the higher ranking it will get in search results. The self-storage industry has been always focused on local marketing, but it is now more important than just building brand awareness. The more involved and focused on community activities a manager is, the better it is for the overall digital and traditional marketing strategy for the facility.