7 April 2022

SAM Announces 2021 Award Winners

Storage Asset Management (SAM) is pleased to announce its 2021 annual award winners. Every year, SAM recognizes teammates that have exemplified SAM’s Core Values and excelled professionally throughout the year. Read more below to learn of the recipients of this year’s SAM awards.

SAM 2021 Awards

Merchandising Sales and Move-In Award

The Merchandising Sales and Move-In Award honors those facilities with the highest merchandise sales throughout their districts. The teammates at these stores are true experts, and offer solutions to make packing and moving easier for their tenants. They assume the lock sale and recommend a perfect mix of boxes, tape, mattress covers, and more. Congratulations to the following:

  • Appletree Storage – Perkins
  • Storage Plus Boston
  • Storage Sense – Jackson – W. Michigan Ave
  • Bay Storage

Best Sales Skills Award

The Best Sales Skills Award recognizes those properties that had the best Close Rates on leads originally generated through the Call Center or a website in 2021 for each regional district. Congratulations to the following storage facilities:

  • Storage Sense – Hampton Cove
  • West Creek Self Storage
  • Community Park Storage
  • Storage Sense – Evans

Revenue Budget Crusher Award

The Revenue Budget Crusher Award recognizes those facilities with the highest revenue performance in each regional district. Overall, these storage facilities consistently go above and beyond, selling locks and additional merchandise, avoiding waiving fees, embracing tenant increases and more!

  • Storage Sense – Hartselle
  • West Creek Self Storage
  • Valley Storage – North Canton
  • Storage Sense – Sebastian

Best Delinquency Control Award

The Best Delinquency Control Award recognizes those storage facilities that went above and beyond with payment collection during 2021. These facilities explain clearly at the time of rental that payment is expected in advance without demand, use the tools at their disposal (past due letters, emails, and Storage Collections), and understand that personal collection calls are an effective way to get past due customers to pay! Congratulations to the following facilities:

  • Storage Sense – Huntsville – Mt. Carmel
  • ValuSpace – Halfmoon, LLC
  • Storage Sense – Frankfort
  • Storage Sense – Vero Beach

Best Protection Sales Award

The Best Protection Sales Award honors those storage facilities with the highest insurance package sales in their prospective region. These managers and their facilities understand that by offering protection, they are helping their customers and making their stores more profitable. Congratulations to the following:

  • Storage Sense – Huntsville – County Road
  • Vault Storage – Millington
  • Storage Sense – Upper St. Clair
  • Valley Storage – Woodford

Outstanding Local Marketing Award

The Outstanding Local Marketing Award honors those stores that have completed 100% of the goals for all 12 months, along with having the largest increase in New Neighborhood Friends for 2021 year. Local marketing is an integral part in building brand awareness within the community, and can ultimately lead to an increase in overall sales. Congratulations to the following stores:

  • Your Extra Closet – Jonesboro
    • 21 new Neighborhood Friends
  • Storage Sense – Lindenhurst
    • 39 new Neighborhood Friends
  • Valley Storage – Akron
    • 21 new Neighborhood Friends
  • Storage Sense – Martinez – Washington Road
    • 42 new Neighborhood Friends

Best Reputation Management Award

The Best Reputation Management Award recognizes those facilities with the highest percentage of reviews versus move-ins. Outstanding job to the regional leaders who exceeded the goal of 30% for each store! These reviews are important in determining each store’s search rankings, building credibility and trust within the community, and helping to increase overall move-ins.

  • Storage Sense – Huntsville County Rd.
  • Storage Sense – York
  • Hernando Storage
  • Storage Sense – Eastpointe

Best Lease Up Award

The Best Lease Up Award recognizes the two storage facilities with the greatest overall improvement throughout the year. Throughout 2021, both Storage Sense Harrisburg and Storage Sense Charlottesville, succeeded in surpassing their revenue goal, increasing their occupancy rate, and improving their overall Google Review rating. Congratulations!

  • Storage Sense – Harrisburg – Sycamore Street
    • Opened in July 2021, and maintained a 60% occupancy rate by end of 2021.
    • Beat revenue goal by 225%
    • 36 total Google Reviews (an average of 4.9 stars)
  • Storage Sense – Charlottesville
    • Opened December 2020, and maintained a 80% occupancy rate by end of 2021. 
    • Beat Revenue goal by 108.6%
    • Scored 88%+ on mystery shops
    • 74 total Google Reviews (an average of 4.9 stars)

Best Mystery Shop Scores Award

The Best Mystery Shop Scores Award honors those storage facilities with the highest Mystery Shop Score during 2021. Simply put, these storage facilities perform at an exceptional level on a day-to-day basis. Congratulations to the following storage facilities:

  • Storage Sense – Long Beach
  • Amherst Self Storage
  • Valley Storage – Tabler Station
  • Storage Sense – Tampa

Store Manager of the Year Award

The Store Manager of the Year Award honors those SAM facility Managers that have exemplified SAM’s Core Values and excelled professionally throughout 2021. Congratulations to all of the recipients listed below!

  • Richard Zwaduk – Storage Sense – Phoenix – Washington Street
    • Aided in beating revenue budget by 23% in 2021.
    • 44% of move ins – new Reviews in 2021, 607 total, 4.7 Stars.
  • Stacey Camp – Self Stor It
    • Consistently exceeds expectations, and aids in the overall success of the Garner District.
    • Promoted to trainer within first year of SAM employment.
    • Travels across the country to aid in training endeavors.
  • Cyndy O’Connor – Mr. Storage – South Toledo
    • Helped her facility to average 4.9/5.0 on reviews – 31% of move ins sent in reviews and she is mentioned in most of them as a person that cares, helps and builds relationships with her tenants. 
  • June Dawson – Storage Sense – Charleston
    • Assisted in training multiple new managers and a new District Manager in 2021.
    • 23.6% over budgeted revenue for 2021, 1.2% A/R’s in 2021, and maintained average occupancy of around 93% throughout the 2021 calendar year, all while also fulfilling the job duties of a DMIT as well.

Assistant Manager of the Year Award

The Store Manager of the Year Award honors those SAM facility Assistant Managers that have exemplified SAM’s Core Values and excelled professionally throughout 2021. Congratulations to all of the recipients listed below!

  • Carla Puleo – Storage Sense – Phoenix – Washington Street
    • Helped Storage Sense in Phoenix obtain over 70% of Google Reviews.
    • Described as one of the strongest site employees by DM.
  • Evan Jeronis – Fairless Hills
    • NOI 32% better than budget.
    • Great reputation, and maintained OCC 97%+ in 2021.
  • Desire Keys – Storage Sense – Lansing
    • A dedicated team player, consistently committed to the storage facility’s overall success.
    • Assisted with training, and helped facilitate and foster personal growth of team members.
  • John Short – Ocean Storage
    • Obtained a 34% Occupancy in just 9 months of being open, 100K over budgeted revenue and 83K over NOI in 2021.
    • Goes above and beyond everyday to support the SAM team and Ocean Storage Towne Point.

Above & Beyond Award

The Above and Beyond Award honors those individuals within the company that go above and beyond their professional duty, whether it be taking on new tasks, seamlessly transitioning to a new position, or providing exceptional customer service to their area tenants. Congratulations to the following recipients:

  • Kelli Lawson – District Manager in Training
    • Aided in completing 7 successful new store transitions.
    • Active participant on district conference calls along with leading monthly store visits when accompanied by DM.
    • Transitioned from store manager to DMIT seamlessly.
  • Justin Hines – ValuSpace – Troy
    • Has supported multiple locations outside of the NY District when asked with very little notice.
    • Worked multiple transaction properties, and has taken an active role within the NY District when his peers have questions.
  • Shayane Lozada – Load & Lock Storage
    • Fully committed to the success of her facility, her district, and SAM.
    • Oversaw expansion and many new acquisitions, 2 facilities and 4 annexes.
    • Assists with transitions of other properties across the country.
  • Kylie Alexander – District Manager in Training
    • Supported the transition for the Central Illinois locations, and provided continual training for facilities in district.
    • Supported closing staffing gaps by assisting with interviewing and hiring while covering locations to ensure that stores stayed open.
  • Cortlyn Xenias – Valley Storage Manager
    • Assisted with promoting the culture of SAM by building relationships with all new hires, checking in with them and being an ongoing resource.
    • Hosted training for several new DM’s, and created a support binder as a district trainer as a go to resource for new hires.
  • Norman Rousseau – Storage Sense – Ocala
    • Assisted with training, emergency coverage, and transition help through much of 2021.
    • A proven team player, Norm has assisted multiple facilities throughout Florida during trainings and transitions.
  • Nutter District – Virginia and Maryland Region
    • Assisted in training new team members, facility transitions, and provided emergency coverage at select properties.
    • Continuously operated at a high level, maintaining 14.6% over budgeted revenue for 2021, 1.4% delinquency for 2021, and 60% close rates for 2021.
  • Lee Kunkel Operations – Sr. Training and Development Manager
    • Assisted in progressing DM and DMIT development programs.
    • Upbeat and inspiring, and always willing to assist where needed.
  • Jen Barroqueiro – Sales – Development Relationship Manager
    • Worked extra hours to assist with transitions throughout 2021.
    • Excelled and grew in a new position, with great determination and an attention to details.
  • Erin SlaughOperations – Administrative Assistant
    • The “Swiss Army Knife of SAM” – flexible, creative, and highly motivated.
    • Provides exceptional support to all departments and tenants alike.
  • Tabitha Getz-McFalls – Accounting – Accounting Manager
    • Provides exceptional training and offers support to any who need it.
    • Offers incredible service and determination within her role as an Accounting Manager.

SAM Spirit Award

The SAM Spirit Award honors those individuals that truly exemplify SAM’s Core Values, and help to foster a team environment that promotes collaboration, and continual improvement. Congratulations to all of the recipients listed below!

  • Corrine Zajicek – Storage Sense – Winston Salem – Sprague
    • Assists district with problem solving and training.
    • Consistently brightens the day of those around her (via Slack or personally).
  • Melissa Stiles – Sales and Marketing – VP of Sales and Marketing
    • Fosters continued collaboration with team, company, and vendors.
    • Consistently brainstorms ideas for improvement, and is dedicated to continual self-improvement in the Digital Marketing field.
  • Katy Lighty – Accounting – Accounts Payable Manager
    • Goes above and beyond for those around her, both at work and personally.
    • Assists in organizing team events and charity drives.

District Manager of the Year Award

The District Manager of the Year Award honors the SAM District Manager that has consistently exceeded expectations, beaten their revenue budget, increased their Google Review rating, and overall risen above and beyond in their daily duty throughout 2021. Congratulations to our recipient below!

  • Nick Moulder – District Manager – FL
    • Beat revenue budget by 16%, and maintained a 2.5% delinquency rate, an increase of 16% in Google Reviews, and a 51% close rate.
    • Added several new faculties throughout the Florida district, while hiring, developing, and maintaining an exceptional team.

Corporate Employee of the Year Award

The Corporate Employee of the Year Award recognizes the corporate team member of SAM that goes above and beyond with their professional duty, whether it be through collaboration, training assistance, or their overall work demeanor. Congratulations to our recipient below!

  • Justin Furnia – Information Technology – IT Coordinator
    • Provides great customer service skills, and is an excellent communicator.
    • Consistently goes above and beyond, and explains issues and solutions in a relatable and easy to understand manner.