1 November 2022

SAM Employee Spotlight: Marico Dye

Store Manager at Home Star Storage in Memphis

Marico Dye

Q:  How long have you been working for SAM?

A:  I have been working for SAM since June-13-2022.

Q:  What do you like most about your job and working for SAM?

A:  What I like most about my job is being able to provide exceptional customer service to my customers and my community. What I love most about working for SAM is the exceptional training they invested in me, the communication from the leadership team, and being a part of an awesome company.

Q:  What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

A:  Coming from a culinary background, when I am not working, I enjoy cooking for my family and friends, traveling, and participating in community outreach projects.

Q:  Can you share a fun fact about yourself?

A:  A fun fact about me is that I am a great dancer!