27 January 2023

SAM Employee Spotlight: Amy Pope

Amy Pope graphic

Benefits Administrator at SAM Corporate

Amy Pope

Q:  How long have you been working for SAM?

A:  I have been working for SAM since May 2022.

Q:  What do you like most about your job and working for SAM?

A:  I worked as HR in healthcare for over twenty years, so it is great to be able to work in a whole different industry. I love working as part of the whole HR team and love that I can focus on benefits, worker’s comp, and leaves of absence. Having the ability to work on focused areas of HR allows me to spend more time doing what I love the most, which is getting to talk to the employees and try to help them with anything they need. Every call from an employee brings a new experience, story, and sometimes even a new accent. I love talking to people all over the United States while we all work toward the common goal.

Q:  What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

A:  I enjoy reading, puzzles, playing video games with my stepson, traveling with my family and all things true crime.

Q:  Can you share a fun fact about yourself?

A:  I live less than one mile away from the home office. I have been passing the SAM office for the last ten years without ever knowing it existed in the building. I just wish I would have joined the team sooner!!!