17 July 2023

SAM Executive Team Spotlight: Patty Shields

 Executive Team Spotlight - Patty Shields

Chief People Officer of Storage Asset Management

Patty Shields

Q:  What are some new initiatives coming from the SAM human resources department?

A:  New initiatives from the SAM HR department include the new rewards platform (XOXO/Impulse) as well as our financial (Truist) and health (Connect Care 3) wellness items. We’re really excited to have all this available to ALL our employees at no cost!

Q:  Tell us how long you’ve been with SAM.

A:  I’ve been with SAM for five years…… WOW, time sure does fly!! Five years ago we had roughly 200 total employees and now we have over 900 total employees.

Q:  What is something that has changed at SAM since you started?

A:  It’s inspiring to know we’ve provided so many opportunities and career paths for our employees, as well as additional jobs for those seeking employment. Some of the changes over the last five years include upgrades to technology, additional resources to help assist with onboarding a new employee, and added benefits for our staff, i.e., floating holidays, paternity/maternity leave, etc.

Q:  What is something you are excited about for the future of SAM?

A:  I’m very excited to move forward with the SAM team to see how we will develop different models of third-party management utilizing less resources.

Q:  Do you have any hobbies or interests that you can share with us?

A:  I’m an avid Pickleball player.