12 October 2023

Boss’s Day Q&A with SAM CEO, Alyssa Quill

 Boss's Day

Boss’s Day Q&A with SAM CEO, Alyssa Quill

This Boss’s Day, we’re turning the spotlight onto the individual who steers our company vision and fosters our collective growth—our CEO, Alyssa Quill. In this exclusive Q&A blog, we invite you to get to know Alyssa not just as our CEO, but as a visionary, a mentor, and an inspiration. 

Q:  What inspired you to lead SAM?

A:  A previous colleague was presented with the opportunity to buy 21 management contracts from another company (where I was working) and asked me if I’d partner with him to buy them and start SAM. I was honored, nervous, and VERY excited to be able to create, mold, and grow a new company!

Q:  What’s the most important lesson about leadership that you’ve learned over the years?

A:  I think one of things that most excellent leaders are great at is learning from others. Listening to comments, feedback, ideas, and the questions asked by others around me over the years has been invaluable. Surrounding myself with people smarter than I am, and not being afraid to admit that their ideas are much better than mine (and give them a try) has absolutely helped me succeed. 

Q:  How do you foster innovation and creativity within the team?

A:  Encouraging open feedback and communication, asking questions, and trying to include people with different perspectives on teams.  

Q:  What is something you’re excited about for the future of SAM?

A:  I’m really excited to see how the major investments in improved technology that we’ve made in 2023 help us improve our quality of work and work-life balance over the next 18 months. We’re working hard to make it easier to get access to information, training, and data that will help us all prioritize our efforts. We’re also working on automating some processes that are really just administrative to allow us to focus on the most important things, like the quality of service we provide for our clients.     

Q:  What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

A:  Good question, I’m a pretty open book. At one point as a tween my career aspiration was to be a professional water skier! I still enjoy water skiing, but am nowhere close to being professional. Haha!