21 December 2023

Q&A with SAM Director of Commercial & Residential Properties, Jesse Livingston

 Q&A with SAM Director of Commercial & Residential Properties, Jesse Livingston

Q&A with SAM Director of Commercial & Residential Properties, Jesse Livingston

SAM manages a diverse portfolio of approximately 1,500 non-storage units, including offices, warehouses, flex spaces, billboards, cell towers, and apartments across multiple states. We provide comprehensive services that cover property management, leasing, and accounting, ensuring that your commercial property investment is in expert hands. Learn more in this Q&A with our Director of Commercial & Residential Properties, Jesse Livingston.

Q:   Could you provide a brief overview of the commercial property management services SAM offers?

A:   At SAM, we offer comprehensive commercial property management solutions encompassing management, leasing, and accounting. Our services are designed to streamline operations and enhance the value of your commercial properties.

Q:   Could you walk us through the process of how SAM takes on a new commercial property client?

A:   Once we partner with a new commercial client, our efficient onboarding process involves transferring all property records to our commercial department. We promptly integrate these details into management software and initiate direct communication with tenants, including onsite visits when feasible.

Q:   Can you share some key strategies SAM employs for effective commercial property management?

A:   Our ‘hands-on management’ approach is central to our strategy, ensuring a deep understanding of market dynamics and the specific needs of both property owners and their properties. This allows us to manage effectively and responsively.

Q:   How does SAM handle tenant relations and retention in commercial properties?

A:   At SAM, we prioritize close communication between our onsite management teams and tenants. We adopt a proactive stance, engaging with tenants well before lease expiration to discuss retention strategies and address their needs.

Q:   Can you explain how financial and operational reporting works for commercial property clients at SAM?

A:   Our operational and financial reporting processes are meticulously overseen by our commercial team. Before we present any report to our clients, it undergoes a thorough review to ensure accuracy and relevancy.

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