5 January 2024

SAM Team Member Spotlight: Katrina Rich

Staff Spotlight - Katrina Rich

Store Manager of 3 Key Self Storage

Katrina Rich

Q:  How long have you been working for SAM?

A:  8 months

Q:  How did you come to be part of the team at SAM? What attracted you to this role and our company?

A:  I was looking for something that was still challenging but gave me the opportunity to be present for my family. When I spoke with my district manager, Mike, the first time I knew this company was going to be great. He was super honest and wanted to make sure it was a good fit for both of us. This has been such a great company to work with! Mike’s team is amazing! We all work together every day, and it doesn’t matter if you have been with the company for years or days your talents are utilized! That means a lot to me!

Q:  What do you enjoy most about working at SAM? Is there a specific aspect of your job or the company culture that you find particularly rewarding?

A:  I really enjoy working with a team of people that just all care about their jobs and tenants. Learning and training is something I have always had a passion for, so I love that as soon as I was able to learn the processes that I was able to contribute not just to my location, but by helping others. I also enjoy that we do so many different things such as customer service, sales, marketing, auctions, collections, and maintenance, so your day looks different every day! The part I was most surprised to like was sales!

Q: Is there a memorable life lesson or piece of advice that has shaped your outlook or approach to life and work?

A:   Be the best you can be even when no one is watching. What you think of yourself is more important than what anyone else thinks

Q:  Outside of work, what are some of your hobbies or interests that you enjoy pursuing in your free time?

A:  Spending time with my husband and two awesome kids. We like to play board games, do crafts, and I love working on my family tree (ancestry).

Q:  Can you share a fun fact about yourself?

A:  For a little context, I love Halloween and kids, so every year at our party I dress up as an ugly witch to do activities with the kids. One of my favorite parts is broom riding lessons! So yeah, I am an expert broom riding instructor! =)

Q:  Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself?

A:  The light of my world is my two kiddos!

Q:  What is your go to Sunday cleaning/organizing song? 

A:  Anything 90s early 2000s … Maybe… “That Don’t Impress Me Much” by Shania Twain

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