23 February 2024

Q&A with SAM Senior Training and Development Manager, Susan Newcomer

 Q&A with our Senior Training and Development Manager, Susan Newcomer

Q&A with SAM Senior Training and Development Manager, Susan Newcomer

Q:   Can you share some tips for fostering a culture of continuous learning within an organization?

A:   This starts with encouraging each team member to approach their work with a growth mindset. Each of us will make mistakes sometimes, and that’s okay when we learn from them. When we successfully create a work environment where a growth mindset is expected, it will be natural for each team member to want to learn continuously.

Q:   How do you ensure that training programs are aligned with SAM’s overall goals and objectives?

A:   Our team actively listens in meetings and conversations with the many stakeholders we interact with daily. We look at the company’s annual strategic goals and evaluate each design decision based on those goals. Is what we’re creating going to make a clear connection for our learners about how being in this training will help them advance the company’s mission, core values, and/or strategic goals? If the answer is “not yet,” then we need to keep working on it until we can confidently answer “yes.”

Q:   What are some strategies for creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment?

A:   We enjoy a wonderfully diverse employee population at SAM. Everyone has a unique way of learning and transferring information. The corporate training team has taken training ourselves on how to design to be inclusive of many learning styles. Our advice to anyone providing training is to ask the trainee how they prefer to learn and adjust how you deliver the training based on their response. Our team is available to provide support regarding inclusive learning delivery.

Q:  In what ways are SAM training programs tailored to meet the specific needs of self storage facilities?

A:   Our team spends time in the field on a regular basis. We prioritize staying up to date on trends and competition in the self storage industry, including attending state and national SSA events, reading the ISS magazine, attending webinars, etc. We review each training program before we release it to make sure we’ve made that direct connection between the material we’re presenting and how it applies to the field team!

Q:  How do you tailor training programs to address specific skill gaps or performance issues?

A:   Training and the executive team created the SAM Success Competencies to define the skills we all need to be successful at SAM. Training and human resources are collaborating with each business unit to build a skills matrix for each function in the company. We are excited to see how this project helps each employee enjoy higher levels of success at SAM.

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