13 March 2024

Q&A with SAM Facilities and Capital Improvement Manager, Tom Heick

 Q&A with SAM Facilities and Capital Improvement Manager, Tom Heick

Q&A with SAM Facilities and Capital Improvement Manager, Tom Heick

Q:   What facility management services does SAM offer to our clients?

A:   We handle all the repairs, maintenance, preventive maintenance, and large capital improvements on SAM managed properties. We work with the store managers and district managers to procure, review, and make decisions on vendors, contractors, and scopes of work that need to be done. Proper scopes of work and pricing are very important to our department to ensure the correct repairs happen at the correct price point.

Q:   What is the most common maintenance challenge in self storage facilities, and how does SAM address this problem?

A:   A few common challenges include roof leaks, cameras, gates, lighting, and preventive maintenance. These repairs need to be done quickly and efficiently to protect all parties. Having reliable vendors and contractors helps SAM fix these issues promptly. We stay on top of annual inspections and repairs to save time, energy, and money for our clients.

Q:  What tools or technologies has SAM utilized to improve facilities?

A:   SAM has a repair ticket system so that SAM personnel can request a work ticket for a specific repair issue. Once the ticket is opened, several departments can be involved in tracking and processing the repair and payment so that repairs do not take too long to rectify. Monthly repair calendars are sent to the stores where typical repairs are highlighted for action and suggestive, forward-thinking bids can be procured for the upcoming monthly themed repair.

Q:   How does SAM assist with cost savings in capital improvement projects?

A:   We procure two or three bids for large projects to ensure competitive pricing. Performing preventive maintenance is another cost savings. Regular maintenance has proven to cost less in the long term and cuts back on emergency billing or inflated costs because of an immediate need. Keeping camera systems in place to avoid break ins and replacing old fluorescent lights with LED lights and timers is another simple way to increase savings.

Q:  What trends do you see shaping the future of facilities management in the self storage industry?

A:   Enhanced data, better preventive tools, artificial intelligence, and remote features will all add savings across the industry and SAM managed properties.

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