4 June 2024

Q&A with SAM Recruiting Manager, Patrick Malarkey

 Q&A with our Recruiting Manager, Patrick Malarkey

Q&A with SAM Recruiting Manager, Patrick Malarkey

Q:   What strategies does SAM employ to attract top-quality candidates for open positions within the company?

A:   We post open positions on multiple channels including LinkedIn, Indeed, and the SAM website, as well as develop relationships with colleges via the Handshake app. We also attend local job fairs in surrounding counties to get the SAM name and brand into the community.

Q:  How does SAM ensure a diverse and inclusive pool of candidates during the recruitment process?

A:  SAM includes a diversity statement in our job postings and consistently strives to interview and hire a diverse pool of candidates.

Q:  Are there any specific recruitment tools or platforms you find particularly effective?

A:   UKG has given us an extended pool of candidates with the ability to micro target candidates by using third-party job boards to advertise to specific skill sets included in the opening.

Q:  How does SAM prioritize internal promotions and career development opportunities for existing team members?

A:  We developed an Our People Our Success strategy with our Training and Development team to help current SAM employees and department hiring managers identify the skill sets needed for promotion. This training also assists managers in developing succession planning within their departments. All corporate postings and field management postings are communicated to all SAM employees to allow everyone the chance to further their development as a SAM employee.

Q:  What are some key qualities or attributes that make a candidate stand out during the interview process?

A:  Candidates that are upbeat and excited to be discussing the position. Candidates that have some knowledge of SAM, this shows that they care enough to take the time to see what SAM does. Candidates that can take their experiences and translate hem to the position at SAM they are interviewing for.

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