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SAM Employee Spotlight: Kathryn Failla

District Manager with SAM Corporate

Kathryn Failla

Q:  Please briefly describe your new role at SAM and your background with SAM.

A:  I am so thankful and excited to be back on the SAM team after leaving a couple years ago. I never intended or wanted to leave, but had to for personal reasons. It is so great to be back. I am relocating to the Tampa Bay area to be a district manager in Florida. I’ve lived there before, and I can’t wait to get back to the Sunshine State! When I first started with SAM, there were only 11 other districts besides the team I led in Georgia, Alabama and a couple stores in Tennessee and South Carolina. The growth has been amazing! Previously when I’d see our logo, I associated the up arrow design with the stairs at the old corporate office. Now I see the up arrow and think the sky is the limit in everything we do! We rise to every challenge, continuously reevaluating and building in all areas to achieve smart growth.

Q:  What are your interests and hobbies?

A:  I am very close with my parents. My mom and I are very active in volunteering, hosting events and sports. We’ve been partners in various tennis tournaments together since the 1980s! We love decorating for holidays and custom make unique decorations. We’ve been highlighted in local newspapers for our charity initiatives, costumes and handmade holiday decorations. My dad is the life of the party, funny guy. He makes everyone laugh and I’m his biggest fan. We enjoy watching football, movies and making special family recipes from his Sicilian heritage.

Q:  Can you share a fun fact about yourself?

A:  Everyone that knows me knows about my love for PBJ. Yes, I have strange eating habits and sometimes can go months with only eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! I’ve been doing this since I was a little kid. My mom painted a sign for the kitchen back when I was in elementary school to celebrate my love of PBJ. It now hangs in my kitchen.

Q:  What do you like about working for SAM?

A:  One of the SAM attributes I think is so impactful is our collaboration. Everyone is always open to hear every voice and consider new ideas. We are always evaluating and reevaluating to stay current, connected, above the curve and keep our drive and focus. That can only be accomplished if collaboration is inclusive, there is follow-through and determination. We live and flourish by our Core Values. We always want to do the right thing for our team, our clients, our customers, and communities.

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